Behind the Scenes at Franklin Square Orthodontics Part 1

One thing that makes Franklin Square Orthodontics unique is that we have our own orthodontic lab onsite. FSO Dick 2008Most orthodontic practices send impressions to other  labs to create retainers, and other orthodontic appliances. The benefit of having our own lab is that we have a faster turn around time to make retainers and we have the ability to quickly alter other orthodontic appliances that most other practices would have to ship to a dental lab. We are proud to have Dick as our in house lab technician. When patients come in to get retainers our clinical assistants take impressions that Dick uses to custom make each retainer. After Dick makes the retainer Dr. Meharg then fits and adjusts the retainers for each patient. Our onsite lab is just one way Franklin Square Orthodontics offers high quality care in the most efficient way possible.

Here is a short interview with Dick our Lab Technician:

FSOWhat do you like best about your work?

“I like the variety. I never create the same retainer twice. Each appliance I make is always a new challenge. I also like the people I work with.”

What is the most interesting orthodontic appliance that you have made?

“One of the most interesting appliances I have made was a Distal Jet. This appliance keeps the molars from moving forward.”

What is your favorite thing to do in your free time?

“I enjoy golfing”

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