Halloween Candy Buy Back at Franklin Square Orthodontics

In continuation of National Orthodontic Health Month Halloween festivities are underway at the office. This past week was our costume theme week, in which, patients could earn extra Meharg money by wearing costumes to their appointments. Patients weren’t the only ones that dressed up. Dr. Meharg brought out his festive spirit with his Cowboy costume.

Dr. Meharg sporting his cowboy costume

To conclude our Halloween activities, Franklin Square Orthodontics is continuing our annual candy buy back program. A significant amount of candy that trick-or-treaters receive on Halloween can wreck havoc on those with braces. A few years ago Dr. Meharg wanted to find a way for his patients to safely enjoy Halloween and at the same time not waste all the sticky, chewy, and hard candies. Dr. Meharg will pay his patients $1 for every pound of candy that they bring in. Not only will Dr. Meharg’s patients get the benefit of turning their candy into cash they will also be supporting Catholic Charities of Syracuse. Dr. Meharg will match every dollar his patients earn with a financial donation to Catholic Charities. Also, the candy that is turned in will be sent to our troops serving overseas. Don’t risk popping brackets or breaking your orthodontic appliances. Stop by our office in Franklin Square or bring your candy along at your next appointment to turn your uneaten candy into cold hard cash!

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