Mrs. Meharg Talks About The 2011 FSO Calendar

It’s the end of the year and that means it’s time for our annual calendar which is put together by Mrs. Meharg. She has agreed to do this blog and give everyone a little history of the Franklin Square Orthodontics calendar.
We started thinking about creating our own calendar in 2002 after seeing one done by a friend in Lititz, PA which featured drawings done by his patients. I loved the purse size for keeping track of all my dates and appointments.

The final assembly for the very first calendar (2004) featured a dental trivia contest and included all 24 entry drawings. In 2005, the trivia contest was all about New York State. The next year, 2006, we presented riddles that needed solving with a cartooned picture of Dr. Meharg as the cover. 2007 saw the introduction of Orthodontic First Aid and the Market at Franklin Square and the loss of the trivia, while 2008 was the first year to have a 13 month format. A big change came with the 2009 calendar when we started using the photos that our patients were taking for the “Where in the World is Franklin Square Orthodontics?” contest as the month headers. The 2010 and 2011 calendars also have incorporated photos and 2011 is the first year that I made the cover! We have received photos as attachments to emails, saved on disks, printed out on family printers, and “developed” from film.
The new batch of calendars are printed and arrived in the office just before Thanksgiving. Be sure to pick up a couple and put them to work keeping you organized. And remember to take (and send) pictures of you wearing your FSO gear and your FSO smile!

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