Syracuse Creek by Franklin Square Orthodontics Turns Pink

On September 23rd 2010 The Upstate Freshwater Institute dyed Onondaga Creek a vivid pink color. This scenic creek runs through Syracuse, right by our office, before flowing into the Inner Harbor.

Creek Walk By Franklin Square Orthodontics

During the summer, Dr. Meharg enjoys taking a walk by the creek during his lunch break. While on one of his visits to the creek he was interviewed by News Channel 9 about the surprising color change as a result of the scientific study.

Dave Matthews of the Upstate Freshwater Institute says that the dye is perfectly safe and will help them learn about how contaminants of the stream enter larger bodies of water that connect to the creek. The dye has since dissipated and the creek is as beautiful as ever.

If you ever get a chance after an appointment at our office be sure to take a walk across the parking lot and enjoy the scenery that the creek provides.

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