Syracuse Orthodontist Michael Meharg Starts Facebook Page

We are always trying to find the best ways to stay in touch with our patients. Recently, we dove into social networking with our new facebook page! On our page you will find information on our latest news, contests, events, and state of the art treatment options. We have set a goal to have 200 facebook friends in the next month. To help us reach our goal we will be giving away free “Meharg Money” to all of our patients at their next visit that join our facebook page. (Kids be sure to check with your parents first) We look forward to seeing you all on facebook.

Franklin Square Orthodontics 13214 Facebook

Also September is the last month to enter our 2011 Franklin Square Orthodontics Calendar Contest. Be sure to email ( or drop off your pictures to the office. Winners will receive a gift certificate of their choice to Target, Best Buy, Starbuck’s, and iTunes!

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