There Is No Age Limit For Self Improvement!

Did you know that September is Self Improvement Month? The month when the school year routine begins again is also a month that brings an energetic, back from vacation type of feeling. It is a month to make changes, embrace a fresh outlook, and take advantage of all the new opportunities that may present. Our team at Franklin Square Orthodontics knows that orthodontic treatment is an important part of the self improvement process.

Recent advances in orthodontics, like Invisalign, make orthodontic treatment more acceptable for many who are interested in obtaining that beautiful smile. Not only does orthodontic treatment give you that beautiful smile, it can also provide benefits to your dental and general health.

If you’ve been thinking about your smile, Dr. Meharg would love to have you visit for a complimentary consultation. Please give us a call to set one up!

About Dr. Meharg:

Dr. Meharg is a Board-Certified Orthodontist who has been practicing for more than 20 years. He has submitted over 215 cases of Invisalign and has earned Premier Preferred Provider status with Align Technology. To schedule a FREE consultation please call 315-471-6790.



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